What makes our Smart Doggy Day Care program unique?

We are not a franchise, so it’s easier to adapt to our client needs. We make our own rules, and there is no higher power. As experts in the field, we love what we do, and every level and team member is highly involved in the entire process.

Our structured day care will keep your furry friend focused and engaged while they enjoy a day of fun, exercise and socialization. We will organize our day care dogs into as many as 5 separate play areas daily so they can be grouped safely according to their size, play style, and comfort level.

Daily activities include:

First thing in the morning, we organize your dog’s play group into smaller groups of 4-6 dogs. This short play session with a smaller group warms up the dog’s minds and bodies and makes for a smoother transition from single (or double) dog households to group play.

Each dog receives this constructive, individually tailored training time every day to work on basic obedience skills, fun, simple agility skills and also benefits from bonding one-on- one with their handlers. Training sessions are 10 minutes long and are given during the 1 hour long mid-day rest break.

Between Drop Off and the mid-day rest break and then again
after the break until Pick Ups begin your dog will have at least 5 hours to run with their friends and play with toys in our securely fenced indoor and outdoor play yards. During this time they are always accompanied and monitored by a BVB Dog Handler trained in our Compassionate Care Guidelines for fair and safe play. 

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Behavior assessments are required (but free) and held at 4:30pm and 5:00pm on weeknights. We typically book out 2 to 4 weeks from the current date. All health requirements must be met for us to schedule your dog’s assessment.


We hope to begin offering Saturday Day Care again one day but will update the date here when we know for sure.

Smart Doggy Day Care Pricing


Day Care M-F One Dog 2nd and 3rd Dog
One Day $43.50 $42
4 Pack $170 $164
10 Pack $415 $400
20 Pack $810 $780
Day Care SAT One Dog 2nd and 3rd Dog
One Day $36 $34
Sat 6 Pack $207 $201


Packs are not refundable, but do not expire. A single “use” from a pack is deducted for your dog’s day upon pick up from Smart Doggy Day Care. 

You do not have to schedule the number of days associated with your pack upon purchase. You can continue to schedule as needed or on a set schedule if preferred.

 *Ask about our multiple discounts on pricing for a 2nd or 3rd dog from the same home/owner.

Day Care is not available on Holiday dates.
We will be open for Stay & Play Overnight Care only
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Day Care is not available on Holiday dates.

We will be open for Stay & Play Overnight Care only.

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health requirements service


All potential Smart Doggy Day Care and Stay & Play Overnight Care participants must meet some requirements prior to their behavior assessment.

Behavior assessments are free and required for all Day Care Dogs. Schedule your dog’s assessment well in advance of your Day Care needs. Slots are first come – first serve.

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