Our mission is providing compassionate care and a safe environment to every dog in our care. Engaging the dogs with friendly handling staff and a cohesive training team for the best doggy daycare and boarding experience in the industry.

The way we include training in the daily routine of the dogs in our care truly serves the dogs, their people and us! The increased vocabulary, command recognition, response rate, confidence and communication result in improved behavior both at home and within our facility.

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Meet our Management Team

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Julia - President

I am the president and founder of Bay View Bark. My background in the animal field stretches back to when I was only 14 years old. My first “dog job” was as a bather for a groomer. Through the years, I have also served as a dog walker, a kennel attendant at a no-kill dog shelter, a kennel tech at a humane society, a dog training assistant, a City of Milwaukee Inspector investigating dog bite cases and pet stores, groom shops, and daycares around Milwaukee.

I also worked as the kennel manager at a humane society, a dog trainer for the humane society, and a private dog training business.

At this time, I have more than 20 years of experience in the animal care industry. My degree in Psychology (with a minor in Biology) has furthered my understanding of canine behavior and the basic mechanisms of positive reinforcement training methods that we use every day at Bay View Bark.

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Krystal - Operations Director

Deciding to take my professional life down a different path and pursue my love of animals, I began working as a Dog Handler in 2008 after leaving a decade-plus career in Management at a multi-national corporation. 

The doggy daycare industry was very young when I became a part of it, and Bay View Bark’s Smart Doggy Day Care program was just beginning when I was hired in 2012. I was very excited to contribute my knowledge and experience from my Business and Management Bachelor’s Degree and 20+ of work and leadership in a variety of industries.

While dog handling can be a very demanding job, it was literally a breath of fresh air by comparison to what I did before. I have enjoyed being at the core of creating, modifying, and expanding all of Bay View Bark’s services and offerings while stalwartly upholding our business principles and absolute commitment to compassionate care for all of the valuable and irreplaceable lives that Bay View Bark touches. I believe that no day can truly be a bad day if there is a dog in it and caring for our customers’ dogs is an honor and a pleasure.

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Jenny - Manager

My name is Jenny, and I am the manager at Bay view bark. I have a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from UW Milwaukee. Most of my adult life has been spent working with animals, but dogs are my true passion. I have enjoyed working at Bay View Bark since 2014. My favorite part of the day is greeting all the happy pups as they arrive in the morning.

They put a smile on my face every day! In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, and of course my lovely Senegal parrot, and a bearded dragon!

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Sara - Assistant Manager​

Hi! My name is Sara, and I have been working for Bay View Bark since February of 2018. I have my bachelor’s degree in anthropology and a certificate from the University of Wisconsin.

Still, my passion has always been working with and caring for animals. I enjoy the city of Milwaukee with my boyfriend and our two fur-kiddos, Ruthie and Otto. Ruthie is our old, sweet and lazy hound/lab mix, and Otto is our spunky medium-hair black cat—he likes to keep us on our toes! In my free time, I love to read, paint, journal, and hike.

I love working at Bay View Bark with all of your wonderful dogs; it is truly hard to have a bad day at work when you’re surrounded by all of their goofy, happy smiles!

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Sophia - Assistant Manager

Hi there! My name is Sophia, I joined the Bay View Bark team in late 2020 after working in the animal care industry for 4 years. I began my career in animal care at a veterinary clinic where I learned to assist with medical treatments and to give out a lot of good ole TLC (tender loving care!), but I truly fell in love with my work when I moved to the doggy day care environment. Bonding with your pups and sharing them with you is more to me than just a good job – It gives me a fulfilling life!

It certainly is busy and at times demanding to care so much for all the pups here at BVB, but with my team behind me I feel like I can do anything! Our day care system is really unique; we provide a guiding hand and encouragement to open your pups up to new friends, new fun times, and teach them some great skills in the process. I’ve assessed many of the new pups here for day care and it’s so rewarding to see them overcome their first day jitters, bond with favorite friends, learn new obedience skills, and even make it calmly through their first nail trim or bath. We really are here every step of the way with them, so they can have a great time with us every day.  It’s the best feeling ever to see the new pups blossom into outgoing, kiss-ey, bundles of excitement when they greet us and their furry friends for a play day. That’s why I do what I do!

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