All of our trainers use positive reinforcement, reward based training methods. We start with looking for success at a basic level and growing your dog’s skills and confidence with time and practice. Treats, praise and petting are all incorporated as rewards to keep your dog performing at their best.
We feel that these methods provide long term success, foster beneficial bonding, and grow a trusting relationship as you and your dog work together!

Manners & Obedience Classes

All classes are for friendly, social dogs. All dogs must be tolerant and safe with other dogs nearby and on leash as well as other people near by. Dogs with leash reactivity and or aggressive tendencies cannot be accommodated in our group classes.

This class is a cornerstone for raising a well behaved and friendly puppy. Focusing on socialization, house skills, basic manners, and off leash control, this class offers a fun and useful curriculum geared toward today’s busy lifestyle. Using positive methods, we help to grow the bond between you and your pup while teaching key skills for the future.

***First class is for the owners only! No dogs please. For puppies 5 months and younger when class begins. This is a 6 week course.

Wednesday nights beginning 1/12/22
6 weeks, no breaks
6:00pm to 6:45pm
$185 due at registration




Students will learn positive, reward-based methods to teach their dogs basic obedience, with an emphasis on relationship building in this modern approach to training. This curriculum includes leash walking, appropriate greetings, and maintaining attention in an environment with mild distractions and in close proximity to other people and dogs.

***For dogs 5 months and older when class begins. This class is great for dogs that have never been to a class before or those looking for what’s next after puppy class. Dogs attend all 6 classes with their owners.

Wednesday Nights beginning 1/12/22
6 weeks no breaks

7:15pm to 8:00pm

$185 due at registration


  • Participants must wear a mask during class.

  • Limit of 2 people per dog.

Tuesday Nights beginning 2/1/22
6 weeks no breaks
7:15pm to 8:00pm
$185 due at registration


  • Participants must wear a mask during class.

  • Limit of 2 people per dog. 

Master basic obedience skills with longer duration, greater distance and more intense distractions in this second level adult dog class. Refresh good leash behavior and benefit from an extra focus on recalls, attention skills and command recognition with our positive training approach.

***For dogs 5 months and older when class begins. Smart Dog — Level 1 or a similar positive method obedience class is a required prerequisite for this class. Dogs attend all 4 classes with their owners.

Future dates TBD
If you are interested in this class, please call 414-763-1304 to be added to the class wait list.

Training Class Health Requirements

Friendly, social dogs are welcome to attend classes. In an effort to promote the most beneficial learning environment, reactivity and/or aggression will not be tolerated.

All dogs entering the facility for Training Classes, Day Care and Overnight Care must have proof of current Rabies , DHPP and Bordetella vaccinations. Proof of a parasite free Fecal Test within the last 3 months for dogs less than 1 yr or 6 months for dogs over 1 yr is also required.

Puppies under 5 months have modified Health Requirements; provide proof of at least the first 2 rounds of the DHPP Vaccine series, the Bordetella Vaccine, in addition to proof of a negative fecal test within the last 3 months. The Rabies Vaccine is not required for puppies under 5 months.

All Health Requirements must be met and the corresponding records sent to Bay View Bark a minimum of 1 week prior to the Class Start Date for all Bay View Bark Classes.
Vet records can be uploaded via the Owner Portal, emailed, or faxed over in advance.

Within Day Care

dog training service

Each day, every dog that attends Smart Doggy Day Care or Stay & Play Overnight Care receives a one-on-one positive method training session. These training sessions are 10 minutes long and are specific to the needs and skill level of each unique dog. Our training staff will bring focus to the “Command of the Week” in addition to 3-4 other commands or sequences.

Our goal for each command or sequence is at least 5 successful repetitions. We will set the criteria to the point that a dog can achieve the desired response without a struggle and gradually increase the criteria as the dog gains confidence and skills.

dog training service

The cues and habits developed in these daily sessions make them a valuable and vital part of your dog’s day. We use this opportunity to work with each individual on cues that will help make them more responsive to the handlers during Play Groups and also more responsive to their Owners at home.

Positive training builds a relationships of trust and respect between the handlers and the dogs that carries over into all aspects of our interaction with your dog during their day with us.

icon dog training service

Our “Command of the Week” is shared with our customers in a handout each week and gives step-by-step instructions for all who are interested in training along at home.

A full list of our training cues and instructions is available for to customers for a nominal fee.
Please ask about it when you visit.

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